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Disconnect from what makes life faster – Frederic Gros at the Swindon Festival of Literature

15 May
Frederic Gros © Calyx Pictures

Frederic Gros © Calyx Pictures

At 12:15, Wednesday 14 May. I was walking in the Brunel Centre. I had bought mangoes and rice noodles from the tented market. I had walked to pay money into the bank. I thought nothing of it. I have never thought to differentiate between my types of walking in life.

My phone rang. It was Festival Director Matt Holland. “You must come and listen to Frederic Gros!” he said. ”Hear what he has to say about Rimbaud. It is wonderful!”

So, instead of walking, I ran to my car and in 20 minutes was sitting in the Arts Centre. Continue reading

On Running

1 May
Naomi Benaron

Naomi Benaron

The only time I run is for the bus or the train.

I’m not saying I’m proud of this fact. And I’m getting to that scary age where running without some kind of stretching warm up is positively bad for my health. A long way, in fact, from the time where simply walking was just impossible. My five year old gives me this uncomprehending look when I tell him to walk (like when crossing the road), you know – that’s a run. Nope, that’s a skip. A walk is when one foot is still on the ground when the other one leaves it. Slow. Not fast. Still blank look. You know, like mum and dad. Oh – boring!

I’m also not a fan of watching sport. Maybe a bit of tennis. Perhaps even snooker though to be honest I’m not even watching the current world championships. (Whenever I watch it, Ronnie O’Sullivan loses. So I stopped. And he wins).

So when Swindon Festival of Literature director Matt asked me to chronicle the running event on the opening day (Monday 7 May) it was, at first, a dutiful ‘yes’ in response.

Then when he told me about the people taking part and their interesting stories, I was hooked. Continue reading