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Roam Alone – Tales of a reluctant traveller

3 May
Hazel Pennington, Hilary Bradt and Janice

Hazel Pennington, Hilary Bradt and Janice Booth ©Calyx Picture Agency

Hilary Bradt, Janice Booth and Hazel Pennington told an attentive audience about their solo travelling where they felt the fear of being alone but carried on regardless.

Hilary’s book, Roam Alone also contains stories from other people (mainly women) who had travelled alone.  A common theme from them all was how nervous they felt, what would happen if they fell ill or faced threats and no one knew where they were in a foreign land.  However once they had actually travelled alone it felt wonderful.

Thirty years ago Hilary was just divorced but she decided to travel round Ireland by pony.  She bought a lovely pony, Mollie and then, with no support had to transport the luggage and saddle in relays.

Back then without sat nav, reliance was on maps.  Hilary’s map was lacking in detail and she had to rely on local advice for directions.  Travelling alone she found that people chatted to her but were especially interested in Mollie and even examined the pony’s teeth. Continue reading