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From the top with a lump or two

21 May From the Top, photo © Fernando Bagué

As the dancers wrapped themselves around each other, the disembodied voice of the choreographer demanded, ‘…more organic-y…like a squirrel…like a cobra…with a whip at the end…’

From the Top, choreographed by Victor Fung and the first dance of an evening jointly curated by Swindon Dance and Swindon Spring Festival, was a hoot. A hilarious insight into the sometimes deliciously unfathomable world of contemporary dance, it began as I expected – two male dancers, Michael Barnes and Jack Sergison, moving in beautiful if mysterious ways – until, it emerged, the pair were actually in a ‘rehearsal’, devising the performance to the ever exacting demands of Victor, their director, for such things as ‘neutral hips’ and an ‘echo’. As the voice wanted more and more, the thoughts running through the (mostly) implacable performers were projected in words onto the screen behind them.

“…thread yourself under his arm and linger there…” said Victor. “…his armpit is not somewhere I want to chill,” came the Michael’s projected reply.

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Devizes International Street Festival retains its place on our ‘must-do’ list

30 Aug

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With 16,000 people watching 30 acts over two days, the Devizes International Street Festival was bigger than ever before.

From a spectator’s view, the crowds were mercifully thinner this year than in 2011, thanks to the Street Festival being held over two days: Sunday, as well as its traditional bank holiday Monday spot.

I wonder whether rain, or at least the threat of it, may have also kept the audience size manageable on the Monday, when the Festival Chroniclers made their third consecutive pilgrimage to the event – despite some stiff competition it’s become a ‘must-do’ in our calendar. Continue reading