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Human towers rise as the Castellers de Vilafranca perform at Salisbury International Arts Festival

4 Jun

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Human towers rose up in front of England’s tallest spire at the weekend, as the daredevil Castellers de Vilafranca wowed crowds at the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

In one of those quirky traditions that goes back 300 years, the performers climbed onto the shoulders of the stronger members to build towers stacked six-people high, with the smallest, lightest Castellers – the youngest was just six years old – balancing what we estimate to be a vertigo-inducing 30 feet above the crowds. Continue reading

Fire Garden at Stonehenge – once in a lifetime event

11 Jul

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No other word for it.

Except maybe: amazing. Incredible. A one off. Fantastic.

I’m talking about Fire Garden at Stonehenge last night.

Not only was a huge amount of people old and young allowed to walk in amongst the stones – a rare experience in itself – but the Fire Garden was breathtaking. Continue reading

God Spray the Queen – Chivitz at Salisbury International Art Festival

30 May

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I’ll bet when the Queen visited Salisbury back on May 1 (International Workers’ Day, not that the UK ever recognises it) she never thought her jaunt would be immortalised in graffiti art.

But that’s exactly what happened at the weekend, when Brazilian street artist Chivitz created new works at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

The Queen, who is quite used to having portraits done, although probably never like this, is pictured in the outfit she wore when she visited the city, although the cheeky graffiti artist has her brandishing a spray can. Continue reading

Salisbury Festival Family Fun Day at Danebury Hill Fort

27 May

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We rocked up to Hampshire’s Danebury Hill Fort, just across the county border, with the lure of an AfroReggae Family Fun Day.

Fun. For kids. An ancient hill fort. Summer sunshine music. Sounded great. Continue reading