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Love Monster is Always (Pretty Much) Worrying About Everything.

19 Jul

We have been loving the Lost Wood at Larmer Tree 2015. So many surprises, small intimate installations, things to interact with. Some highlights: Party?

A front door that reveals the most narrow party ever organised. Look through the letter box and see a pair of eyes, hear a dog barking when you ring the bell, and on the other side a peephole where the party is viewed in full swing.

Elsewhere, disco balls of all sizes hang in the rhododendrons, there is chess and a web of words, exotic lighting of all colours which makes a night-time trip very thrilling.

Just out of the wood today, we found the spoken word tent and it happily revealed Rachel Bright drawing and talking with families. I think this was the most calm, lovely moment of the last few days. We sat and drew characters with Rachel, sometimes she read a story, sometimes she told us how to make stories and sometimes she showed us how to draw characters. We met Love Monster and his chocolate box and social conscience. Rachel explained that, Love Monster is always (pretty much) worrying about everything. She helped us draw him with some all important worry-type eyebrows. We were also introduced to Lion and Mouse from The Lion Inside. I want to do this session all over again. Later we met fairies, had our faces painted, did rag-weaving in the trees and witnessed … knitting in public!