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Robert Vas Dias asks Do Angels Eat? Yes if you have a pass for Poetry Swindon Festival

3 Oct

Robert Vas Dias

Robert Vas Dias in the Cow Shed at Lower Shaw Farm

Robert Vas Dias was a delight at Poetry Swindon Festival at today’s poetry lunch (Saturday).

A lesson in perky reading, I had to remind myself that although he sounds American, he’s lived in England for a long time. So it’s not weird that he writes about teapots and their murky colour: ‘A brown that insults taste but forestalls criticism.’ Continue reading

Dribble or drabble? Flashing at Poetry Swindon Festival

2 Oct

Dribbles and drabbles, flash*. Spot the difference between concise prose and sticking ‘poem’ on the end.

Yesterday (Thursday), Poetry Swindon Festival’s potentially hot debate – is prose poetry a thing? – was apparently thwarted by a squishy warm sofa with Jo ‘no’ Bell dividing and ruling, sat between Tania ‘yes’ Hershman and Luke ‘for sure’ Kennard. Next time: hard chairs. Continue reading