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Town with a city heart – Swindon Festival of Literature launch

22 Mar

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The Swindon Festival of Literature has a thing for bracing days, ya know – freezing brass monkeys. It kicks off at a cold dawn in May and Thursday, a biting March day you may have noticed, was the launch, outside in a windy Swindon Central Library atrium.

The Festival likes to stimulate ‘thinking parts’ so maybe all this chilly fresh air enables our brain to fully engage and not lie indolent in the sloth-like embrace of central heating.

So, back inside the warm library, I munched on the lovely homemade launch food and thought how good it is when politicians speak from the heart rather than generic politic speak. Matt Holland, Festival director, seemed to appreciate this too because he expressed his love for guest speaker, Teresa Page, the mayor of Swindon: for her, Swindon is the town with the heart of a city; she only had one book a year at Christmas (a present from her sister); and (a girl after my own heart) she also enjoyed comics Bunty and Judy. No tired ‘cultural desert’ metaphors for the Lady Mayor. Continue reading

DON’T PANIC – David Pearson at the Swindon Festival of Literature

8 May
David Pearson at Swindon Central Library

David Pearson at Swindon Central Library

Is this the end of physical books? This was one of the questions posed by the Director of Culture, Heritage and Libraries for the City of London, David Pearson, tonight at Swindon Central Library. If it is, don’t panic! said Swindon Festival of Literature Director, Matt Holland. The future is bright, but it may be electronic, not printed. Continue reading