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What I did last summer part 1

25 Sep

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This summer we got stuck in the mud experiencing dance in unexpected places, witnessed a choreographed trolly dash, saw a huge iron man, made a massive spider and became its colourful minions!

The fun started in Swansea back in July; off we trekked to Wales to see Taliesin Dance Days.

I was there for a dance festival in ‘unexpected places’ and ended up with a bonus of unexpected poetry.

On arrival I first reached for the smart phone in the car park – a massive painted sign proclaimed: ‘More poetry is needed.’ On posting the pic, the Facebook hive mind told me it was by artist Jeremy Deller. Continue reading

It’s Sacrilege, but is Stonehenge really the inspiration…?

29 Jun

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One of the greatest mysteries of the prehistoric world is why Stonehenge was built. But the thinking behind a life-sized inflatable version of the world-famous monument is easier to ascertain – and it might have more to do with nearby Avebury than its younger but better-known cousin.

This morning Festival Chronicle was lucky enough to catch up with Jeremy Deller, the Turner Prize-winning artist behind art-installation-cum-bouncy-castle Sacrilege. Continue reading