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Goodness knows I’m staying away from prose

20 Apr

The last event in my excursion to Cheltenham Festival of Literature event was Poetry and all that Jazz, Slak Bar, night time.

After Mab Jones’ collective came five poetic performers. In the end, I sat on a bar stool in Slak for over five hours. Not good for the back but sure beats a night in with the TV, especially as mine doesn’t work. Continue reading

What gun would Jesus use?

20 Apr

More from Cheltenham Poetry Festival: Mab Jones and her Welsh Rare-bits, Slak late night bar, yesterday teatime.

What a fab poetry collective. Nothing to link them together except living in Cardiff, and a passion for poetry. Different poetry, different politics (poetic rants about cycling on the pavement v ‘if Wales was a face I’d spray it with mace’), different ages / looks.

Each poet had their own personal audience member – which meant we were duty bound to buy Mab’s home-printed anthology so they could afford the petrol home. £3 well spent though. Continue reading

Popping the Domestic Cherry

20 Apr

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Is this Cotswolds town the festival capital of the world? It surely must be now. Cheltenham UK, the festival town. They can have that for free.

Just did one day of Cheltenham Poetry Festival yesterday (it runs until Sunday) and had a great time. I was part of, ahem, select audiences who I got to know (hi to Ki and poets Nick and Alice).

First up: Domestic Cherry in the basement of gothic-looking pub, Tailors. It felt like I was entering the mansion of Elvira Mistress of the Dark (brilliant!). It had the air of a secret gig (i.e. a distinct lack of festival signage). Continue reading