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Migraine demons and the first ever caricature

4 May
Irving Finkel

Festival Director, Matt Holland with Irving Finkel (right) ©Calyx Picture Agency

Dr Irving Finkel doesn’t like to say he works in a museum. Not because he hates his job, on the contrary, Irving believes he works in the ‘best museum in the world, in the best job in the museum.’ The museum being the British Museum and the job being the cuneiform tablet curator. So why the reticence? Because people then expect him to be ‘dusty and boring’.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who meets Irving would have their expectations adjusted within 30 seconds. He is more one man show than monotone lecturer, adopting different accents in a talk punctuated by finger jabbing, foot stamping and casual swearing. He speaks many languages and exclamation marks feature in all of all of them. Continue reading