Festival Chronicle reports from muddy fields which have ejected their cows, flattened their crops and instead stuck in a stage and sound system, and a few bean bags and kids workshops if they are dead posh.

Plus musings on the more traditional venues hosting loadsa literature and other such arts in a concentrated time period.

All views are those of individual bloggers.

Get in touch here or at yello@festivalchronicle.com

So how did this whole Festival Chronicle thing come about?

Well a big thanks needs to go out to Matt Holland and the Swindon Festival of Literature, for whom we are (as far as we and Google are aware) the first, ever Official Festival Chronicle.

Festivals are pretty good, on the whole, at promoting themselves up front and securing reviews.

But what about the festival experience?

How do we tell the story of what happened, especially when festival organisers are too busy with the important job of organising during the actual thing itself?

Apart from an out-of-date website and a scrunched up brochure, what stories are left after the performers have gone home, the stages packed up, the cows rehoused, the evaluations written, the reviews: today’s recycling? How do we record the shared experience on Facebook and Twitter before they swiftly flow away in the virtual stream?

Swindon Festival compiles a post-festival scrapbook and even in this feel pretty unique. But we want something more immediate, conversational and join-in-able, that also works as a historic account.

So, we’re going to be recording the experience, the gossip, the audience reaction, the interesting people we meet, the stuff we learn, the new points of view, the bands that rocked it, the weather, the no-shows, the discoveries from all the festivals we attend. No performance minutae, no obsure references, no description of poetic form. We’re really not that clever and, like a child with a concentration disorder, easily bored.

We hope you like it.

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