Morning Song – Dawn Chorus

6 May

The sweet melody of the bagpipes started the show,
a great way to begin the Dawn Chorus,
the 26th in a row.

Farmyard Circus

The Farmyard Circus, with hoops, bats and prong
ignited by a fiery wick,
I never knew the wonders that could be made,
from a flaming stick.

Cristobal Pederson

Cristobal Pederson played the Paraguay harp,
with a song that sounded like the sky –
such a wonderful tune it was,
like a soft lullaby.

Sun Arise Singers

Then the Sun Arise singers,
came with a jolly song,
the out-of-tune audience singing along –
just kidding it was so good,
it made me want to weep
(can’t say that for the people of swindon,
still finishing a good night’s sleep).

Next was Casey on banjo and Darine tap dancing along
a happy rhythm playing
within the catchy song.

Sara Jane Arbury 'Chocolate, chocolate, really hate it!'

Then came a poem,
that most dentists will want to use,
called ‘chocolate chocolate really hate it’
– please stop the chocolate abuse!

Pictured above: Sara Jane Arbury

John Row with signing by Kat Wright

John Row – who I could have sworn was a wizard –
a story flying out of his mouth,
was quicker than snow in a blizzard.

Daisie-May with signing by Kat Wright

The tin-whistle fairy and her little wings,
reading a poem about the fairy king.

Pictured above: Daisie-May with BSL signing by Kat Wright

Mary Maguire

Mary Maguire wrapped from head to toe,
recited a Longfellow poem,
about shooting the rare red doe.

Pictured above: Mary recites an excerpt from Longfellow’s A Song for Hiawatha

Farmyard Circus

Again came the fire performers,
with their funny show,
standing on their shoulders,
– kids don’t try this at home!

Next was the harp played by Cristobal,
like a soothing waterfall.

Then once again those acrobats returned,
to complete all the acts,
and the audience had to throw,
to Jacob on the unicycle,
three juggling bats.

Maypole dancing

To finish off the show,
came the Maypole dancing,
and then we all went home.

Pictured above: Milo is on the right, in the red shoes.

Crowd, Dawn Chorus

Written by Milo Davison (age 12). Photos © Fernando Bagué

Milo wrote about the Dawn Chorus at Lawn Woods, first event of the first Swindon Spring Festival, 6 May 2019

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