Saturday Night Poetry Pub Quiz

7 Oct
Carrie gets the quiz going

Carrie gets the quiz going

After the excitement of the Battered Moons competition, after a rainy day and after Swindon’s ‘People’s Poet’ Tony Hillier had doled out silly hats for everyone, Carrie Etter took the mic and the serious business of the Festival got started – Carrie’s carefully crafted Poetry Pub Quiz.

Bethan & Sophie

Bethan & Sophie on the book stall

Very quickly I realised that teams had been forming all weekend – anyone who had given off an air of knowing a lot about poetry were sought after as team mates. Sadly I hadn’t been poached or even approached so my poetry creds must be rock bottom. But at least I knew the name of the US Poet Laureate – just saying. Meanwhile I heard quite a few jealous whispers about Jill Abram who had suddenly appeared and was apparently highly sought after.

Before the gloves were off I took photos of the teams, asking them if they thought they were going to win. Judge for yourself who did (or didn’t) display the killer instinct!

Hilda's team

Pub quiz team

pub quiz team

pub quiz team

And the winners? Well, the dream team of Clare Shaw, Kim Moore, Sarah Dixon and Jill Abram scooped the top prize… this morning I heard someone mutter slightly tetchily ‘it was like pitching Man U against Scunthorpe reserves.’ And all for a bottle of prosecco! Who’d have thought those poets could be so -AHEM – competitive?!

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