Great Excitement and the Tent of Delicious Air

3 Oct

Hello poets, readers, listeners, organisers, volunteers.
This is Jacqueline Saphra, one of your festival bloggers for the Poetry Swindon Festival 2017. As blogger-in-residence I’ll be performing, listening, writing about events, swanning about, drinking wine and talking poetry for the best part of five days and I can’t wait. I am packing my trusty notebook, lots of sharp pencils and my laptop to bring you true life accounts of this festival of word, performance of word, and all manner of poetical shenanigans at Swindon, aka the Poetry Capital of the World. Watch this space.

One Response to “Great Excitement and the Tent of Delicious Air”

  1. poemogram 3rd Oct 2017 at 6:39 pm #

    Look forward to delicious fun and palatial and thought-provoking words …

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