You’re going to reap just what you sow

5 Oct


Photograph © Jennifer Berry

The omens were good for Children’s Day -Word Twisting a Fine Falerie at The Richard Jefferies Museum as a dramatic jamboree of Dada ended the day before with a library dance to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day.

Things were set fair,  a beautiful setting,  amazing weather and an audience of over a hundred fun-seekers eager to find out just who Mildred, Henry and Harriet the eccentric tour-guides were.

With The Goblin Circus in residence too, a memorable day at Coate Farm seemed guaranteed.

The aforementioned eccentric tour guides were on fine form as they promenaded the museum bringing artefacts to life through words and movement.

It was jaw-dropping stuff!

‘The toilets are here here here here and here!’ they helpfully cried.

Playful, funny narration saw them tell the life of Jefferies on Long Pond in the attic before ending things in the future on the back lawn.

Past, present and future, not a bad day out so far!

But here come The Goblin Circus to tell stories and teach children to make their own goblins!

A big ladybird and ring-master engaged audiences all day.


There were faeries, goblins, humans, elves and shapeshifters, and misfits , all just a little bit weird.

The monsters and dreamers of the circus were certainly on hand to inspire and entertain!

Then Robbie came with his drums, juggling stuff and parachute fun.

The lawn was falerie full of families trying things out.

There was also a poetry corner where children could write their own and read poems.

Beth made delicious cupcakes that all but disappeared -people were goblin them up all day for sure!


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