Maggie, Maggie, Maggie, In, In, In

2 Oct


Photograph © Jennifer Berry 2016

Tea & Cakes with Maggie Harris

Maggie Harris had already proved to be a warm and enthusiastic workshopguru at the Savernake Social Hall, what could make it just that little bit better? Nothing at all? No, tea and cakes of course.

Reading a broad selection from her extensive back catalogue, Maggie treated us to poetic insight into her forty years living in the UK and her constant exploration of her Guyanese roots.

‘From this same veranda, Miss Beaumont order her lime juice Cool and sweet in the heat Slow ships roll on the tide’

Cool and sweet in the heat Slow ships roll on the tide’

Slow ships roll on the tide’

I can see Miss Beaumont, hear her voice, feel the heat and all while taking in a view of the sea I’ve never seen.

The apparently simple exclusion of an ‘s’ in the word order has the effect of transporting us 4500 miles to Georgetown, Guyana, not bad for a single letter of the alphabet.

Poetry Swindon Festival likes visiting poets who hang out with their audience, Maggie Harris is an audience hanger extraordinaire, generous with her praise and with a pin-sharp way of getting to the nub of a piece of writing.

All that was left after an enjoyable couple of hours listening and debating was to rate the cakes, with the delicious Carrot Cake taking the honours although, to be honest, the Bread Pudding was pretty good too.

It’s also important to mention that our host was a bit of a treat too,  Caroline Davies-Khan of Eastcott Community Group couldn’t have been more friendly and attentive, showing why this particular organisation has been so successful in engaging with local residents.

Maggie Harris, tea and cakes, appeared at the Savernake Street Social Hall, 30 September 2016 as part of Poetry Swindon Festival.

Chronicle written by Michael Scott.

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