The hottest ticket in town – Family Day at the Literature Festival

8 May

On the hottest day of the year so far, we sent Chronicler Milo (9) to report from Swindon’s Festival of Literature’s Children & Families Day.

On Sunday 8th May I went to Lower Shaw Farm for the Literature Festival Children & Families Day.

First I went to see Sarah Lean, author of Jack Pepper and Hero. She was launching the newest book in her series, Tiger Days, at the event.

The newest book of the series is Tiger Days, And The Midnight Foxes. Sarah had been writing lots of books based for nine to ten year olds and decided to write a story for seven to ten year olds.

The book is about a girl called Tiger Days who is staying at at her grandma’s for the first time. Her grandma keeps some surprising animals.

Sarah helped the children make a phone out of two tin cans like Tiger and her friend Tom do, and I had to persuade a warthog to come out of the pond by banging a bucket.

At the end of the reading I bought two of her books: Jack Pepper and Tiger Days, And The Secret Cat. I got them both signed and happily went out.

Next I saw a puppet show, Piggery Jokery. It was all about a farmer planting a marrow. He had a little pig called Piggy Wiggy.

Each season would change and each time not only would the marrow grow, but Piggy Wiggy would grow bigger too. At the end poor Piggy Wiggy got turned into sausages. But she had little piglets. And then the seasons started again.

Next I saw A.F. Harrold. He wrote the story Fizzlebert Stump, The Boy Who Ran Away From The Circus To Join The Library, which I bought when he was at the festival two years ago.

A.F Harrold is a hilarious author writing hilarious books. He has written a new book called, Fizzlebert Stump, The Boy Who Did P.E. in His Pants. 

The book has 303 pages and he asked a girl in the audience to choose a page. She chose 8, so he read page 8. He said it was a good job she didn’t choose page 303, because then everybody would know the ending and wouldn’t buy the book.

He read some poems from one of his old books, Things You Find in a Poet’s Beard. I bought a copy and he kindly signed my book.

Last, I heard a reading from another author, Mandy Burton. She wrote a book called The Loveliest Loo. It was very funny and was all about a girl called Pearl who went out with her aunts to buy some plants and she needed a poo so she went to a compost loo.

The reading took place outside a real compost loo at Lower Shaw Farm, and at the end all the children queued up and looked inside.

See a video of A.F. Harrold perform Lesser Known, But Not Less Important on our Facebook page at 

One Response to “The hottest ticket in town – Family Day at the Literature Festival”

  1. Steve Ryder 9th May 2016 at 8:25 am #

    Well observed Milo.
    You did a great job.

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