Youth Slam!

7 May

Chronicler Milo (9) reports from Swindon’s teenage poetry competition, Youth Slam.

On Saturday 7th May I went to a event for the Festival of Literature, the YOUTH SLAM!

A lady called Sarah was compèring. She introduced the judges: Matt, Jessica and Mary.

Next Sarah read a whole list of rules. Some of them were the more you shout, cry, whistle, stamped your feet and make a kissing sound, the more points the team would get.

After that she cried, “music!” and a funky tune switched on.

Sarah went around with a multicoloured hat and made people dip their hands in. Seven groups were pulled out for round one.

The first group were the Poetry Pythons from St Joesph’s Catholic College. There was a little introduction and then three teenage girls came onto the stage. They talked about pets and how cats are boring (which I disagree with) and dogs are great. Sort of.

Next there was a one person team called Dan from Sheldon School. He made a poem about art and how it was a load of tripe.

Next there was three more girls called Reality from Ridgeway School. They made a really scary piece about refugees.

Next there was one of my favourite teams called Sun In Samurai from Commonweal School. The front part, I think, was named after a pub, The Sun Inn, which is by the Richard Jefferies Museum.

It was really funny because the team of three boys were talking about what it must have been without technology.

It was based around people sixty years old. They said it was ‘the Dark Ages.’ My favourite line was: “It must have been such a bore, OVER THERE A DINOSAUR!”

Next there was a team called Reumate from Sheldon School and they talked about how they all had amazing talents but their parents didn’t care.

Next there was another group called Trembling With Confidence from Highworth Warneforde School and they wrote a poem about Donald Trump and how he always just worries about his hair.

Next there was a group called The Tall-Short Boys from Commonweal School and they wrote a piece about a spooky old manor.


Poetry Pythons-243



Sun In Samurai-260


Trembling With Confidence-252

Tall Short Boys-246

On round two the lady went along with the hat again.

The first was called Alphabetti Spaghetti from St Joseph’s Catholic College. They made a poem about wanting a poem about cheese.

Next there was a group called Sooo Per from Highworth Warneforde School. They made a poem about their weekly day schedule. About food. This one was also one of my favourites.

The next team was called Trevor’s Reality from Ridgeway School. This poem was about famous lines.

The next team was called Yellow Zebras from Isambard Community School. Unfortunately one of the Zebras was at a dance competition so it was the Yellow Zebra. The girl did a poem about not making a poem.

The next team was the Psycho Monkeys from Lydiard Park Academy. They made a piece about a girl who was very unhappy and at the end the girl committed suicide. It was very dark and sinister.

The next team was called School Boyz from Lydiard Park Academy, they wrote a piece about terrorists. And that was the end of round two.


Alphabetti Spaghetti-238

Sooo Per-250

Trevor’s Reality-247

Yellow Zebra(s)-259

Psycho Monkeys-255

School Boyz-252

Afterwards was the finals. In the finals one of the teams were Reality. They wrote a poem how life is a work of art.

Next were the Sun In Samurai. They did a poem about pretending to be three gossip girls. That was also my favourite.

Next up was School Boyz. They did a poem about fear and how you should never meet it.

Next up was Dan and he made a football match turn into a war scene. It was all a big metaphor!

Next was Trembling With Confidence and they did another one about a girl that had no friends and also committed suicide.

Next up was Psycho Monkeys they wrote a poem about bullying and how horrible it was.

Next up was Yellow Zebra(s). She did a poem about TV and how much she liked to watch it.


Sun In Samurai-267

School Boyz-256


Trembling With Confidence-264

Psycho Monkeys-250

Yellow Zebra(s)-254

And the winner was… DAN! He was the first ever solo winner.

Pictured: Yellow Zebra (left) and Trembling With Confidence (right)

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