Larmer Tree 2015 – Friday

18 Jul

We made it to Larmer Tree 2015 on Friday evening a little frazzled. Our twins were hooligans in the car and I was fretting about erecting a new tent sans instructions. Arriving in the gardens lifted our spirits and even our 7 year olds started behaving like 8 year olds. The festival is an amazing space, a spectacle for all the senses. Particularly visually alluring from Larmer tree statues, glitter balls in trees and peacocks through to the music and art.

Nudybronque from Swindon were the first stop on our agenda, more on their set in another blog, followed by the Magic Numbers who tore up the main stage in their understated but captivating way. A short pause to check in with Lucy and the very helpful press team, a scamper round lost wood, quick drink and a dance with the Nudys in the social and back to see Rodrigo y Gabriela. They were the closing act on the main stage and warranted their headlining status. Musically perfect with a well paced set leading the audience along to fitting evenings climax.

With tired twins in tow we headed back to our campsite, mercifully our tent was still standing, unlike the twins, to prepare for Saturday and another great day at arguably the best and friendliest festival in Britain today.

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