Duvet Biscuits and No Romance (In General) at the Open Mic, in The Social.

18 Jul

It’s very chilled in ‘The Social‘ at Larmer Tree 15 and there’s an Open Mic on.

First to go on stage is Sara, who reads a poem, a long poem of duvets, dads, sex and biscuits. I never mix sex and dads, it’s just wrong. “He told me there was no romance in general and I tell him my dad was magic – the biscuit turns into some sort of cramy shared thing, split in two kind of metaphor and some folding happened, and bruises – a mix of metaphors. This was performance poetry!

Next up gentle yoga lady, playing handmade glock, and we all feel a bit more chilled, even sleepy, and social in the Social. Lovely.

A young girl plays as singer song writer with a belting Ed Sheeran voice into Sam Smith . She’s very good. I’m impressed with this open mic and the atmosphere it maintains in the tent, in the social at Larmer Tree and it’s sunny outside and cool in here. It has something to do with the generous Justin MC (of Bella Figura), I am sure. Lovely. Yes Lovely again.

Nathan sings an original song with a very little guitar. He on the other hand is very tall and once had a romance with a woman in Cornwall who he never met. The original song is about ending it with the woman from Cornwall. “221 miles just to see you again.” The Social is confused, we thought he’d never met her … Oh – pen – mic – mo – ments. Next song, Nathan requests backing vocals and audience participation: some are seen to shuffle to the beds at the back ( yes beds: Larmer has it all). “Somebody, somebody, somebody, somebody find me … Somebody to love.” In a non-Freddy voice. He had somebody, somebody he never met and ended it all with.

Paul Ecentric reads us a story and it’s pretty good. He has a book for sale 😉 about Fleur and her man, and some flowerpots they call a garden. she gets abducted by aliens and it’s still chilled in the social until …

The Anti- Poet is mixed with Jake Bird and Paul Ecentric is playing a washing board. They all knew the same song so their open mic slot was combined because, The Social was all out of time.

Everyone was in the Social today because it’s nice in there, Larmery lush, a bar, soft floor, beds and even some peacocks.

3 Responses to “Duvet Biscuits and No Romance (In General) at the Open Mic, in The Social.”

  1. The Sound of Summer 22nd Jul 2015 at 3:36 pm #

    I didn’t manage to make any of the open mic sessions at LT 15. I always seem to be far too busy

    • mdsheehan 22nd Jul 2015 at 6:03 pm #

      I think that for LT 16 you must clear some time to visit the open mic at the Social, it will not disappoint. See you there!

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