Adventures with Bevis – Richard Jefferies Museum, Swindon Festival of Literature

4 May

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Chronicler Milo (age eight) enjoyed Adventures with Bevis today at Magic Monday at the Richard Jefferies Museum, a family friendly day as part of the Swindon Festival of Literature. He shares why it’s good for you go to the Museum too…

Are you going mad? Are your kids really sad?
Then come to Richard Jefferies in May, come out for a wonderful day!
Climb a tree up high, reach your hand up to the sky.

With lots of activities like making a brilliant boat or searching for a type of a fabulous flower or listen to Shakespeare and then hunting for playing cards spread well around the garden of Richard Jefferies. Also enter his house with an art gallery (made or drawn by are amazing little artists aged under twelve) and all the history about Richard Jefferies and the adventures of Bevis which is one of Richard Jefferies’s famous novels all about a boy and his nature adventures with his friend Mark.

Have a wonderful cup of tea and biscuit at the café and cakes or just have a nice glass of water if it’s hot and you’re dehydrated.

Open every Sunday from 1.30pm to 5pm, May to September, free entry.
In the East of Swindon next door to Coate Water.

So come to Richard Jefferies in May, and the fun will be no delay.

Magic Mondays return in the summer holidays.

See a video of the day, here on YouTube.

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