Milo gets the 17th Century Experience at Marlborough Literature Festival

30 Sep

We sent our eight-year-old Chronicler to the Merchant’s House in Marlborough, to find out more about life in the 1600s. 

Milo with Jacob at the Merchant's House

Milo with Jacob at the Merchant’s House

Yesterday I went to the Merchant’s House. We climbed up the dusty stairs and got to the third floor where we saw Jacob (top servant).

First while we were waiting for other people to come he asked us what’s so different about this room and our living room at home? I looked around and saw big paintings and secret doors. He went past us one by one, until he reached me and I said “the huge paintings”.

A few minutes later the house maid came in introduced herself to us and they both told us what their jobs were in Mr Bailey’s house then we went to Mr Bailey’s study and there were sea animals from all over the world.

After that we went up the stairs to the housemaid’s bedroom there was a big duvet cover with sheets under it and then there were tightened up ropes underneath: that’s why it’s night night sleep tight.

Next we went into Jacob’s room. He had the fire but the housemaid didn’t have a fire.

Next we went to Mr Bailey’s and Mrs Bailey’s bedroom. They had curtains on the bed. It was called a four poster bed.

After that we went down to the kitchen and looked around it. There was a huge table and it had lots of nice food on it.

And we saw something called a dough cupboard with a dough knife. A dough knife looks like a cake knife.

Then we went out in the garden and tested out a pistol, a really long gun and a sword. He said they were used in the great fight of Marlborough.

After that we wrote poems or drew pictures. Next we went back home and that was my fabulous day at the Merchant’s House.

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