What I did last summer part 1

25 Sep

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This summer we got stuck in the mud experiencing dance in unexpected places, witnessed a choreographed trolly dash, saw a huge iron man, made a massive spider and became its colourful minions!

The fun started in Swansea back in July; off we trekked to Wales to see Taliesin Dance Days.

I was there for a dance festival in ‘unexpected places’ and ended up with a bonus of unexpected poetry.

On arrival I first reached for the smart phone in the car park – a massive painted sign proclaimed: ‘More poetry is needed.’ On posting the pic, the Facebook hive mind told me it was by artist Jeremy Deller.

In Swansea town centre was a travelling pavement poet, chalk scribbling his thoughts and words in each town he rocked up to. (Incidentally the same thing’s been happening in Swindon this week. Must be now a ‘thing’.)

The main event was Stuck in the Mud, a dance show by integrated specialists GDance. Integrated usually means using disabled and non-disabled performers but in this case also integrating contemporary dance and ballet (with Ballet Cymru), professional and community performers, and integrating with each space the dance is performed.

I’ve grown to love watching contemporary dance as performance. Yes, sometimes you are left wondering ‘whaaaa?’ but then other times you are feeling ‘wow’ and ‘yes!’ Stuck in the Mud is a wow, yes and more please production.

There were lots of little dances that took place in and out of the building – tender, joyful, exuberant, thoughtful, memorising, beautiful. Being a wordless art form, it’s hard to describe without resorting to adjectives. Chronicler Milo (aged eight) was blown away by Alice who danced in and out of her wheelchair.

This is the kind of show you can expect to be left seriously out of pocket after paying for tickets to see it at a theatre but we got it absolutely free in Swansea.

Other Dance Days highlights were Trolleys – muscly dancers whirling around supermarket trolleys, one slip and one would have landed in my lap (or face) but thankfully we were just treated to a very enjoyable show.

Also great were the Immaculate Men who looked like street cleaners – until they broke into break-dancing. And Kitsch ’n’ Sync Topiary Trauma which was as fun as the title puns.

Written by Louisa Davison

2 Responses to “What I did last summer part 1”

  1. Danny Lake. 23rd Nov 2014 at 11:08 pm #

    The pavement poet in Swansea and Bath. It’s the same guy. I know because I’m the pavement poet.

    Thanks for the memory 😉

    • Festival Chronicler 27th Nov 2014 at 8:00 pm #

      You’re welcome. Keep up the poetic paving!

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