A night at the museum – Swindon Festival of Literature

18 May

Salvador at museum


What could be better?

A night at the museum, a smile and a new book!

Salvador our official Night Time at Museums Correspondent says ‘Jump, the stories that made me jump, I jumped, everybody jumped at the scream, jumped, I did, I jumped.

The stories that made me jump were the best.

The Victorian Room, dark, with torches, a creepy story, about a puzzle, an old lady and a puzzle that was blank, blank until she started it and then a picture started to appear, creepy, it all filled in and she was in it, in her house looking out of her window at a man looking in.

When the storyteller did something funny with the torch she looked like Gollum but I didn’t say, but she did, just like him, but only with the torch.

She themed the stories room by room in the museum, they were all good.

We started up in the gallery, the pictures have changed since last time I was there, I liked a Gillian Ayres painting, it shined like it had just been painted, but it hadn’t.

Cat, the storyteller, played a guitar as well and also got us to bang drums and some of the children danced. I didn’t dance.

At the break we had a cookies and hot chocolate with marshmallows from The Coffee Gang parked outside, I dropped my first cookie but Matthew the man in charge let me have another one.

The Skeleton story was the best one is was really scary and that one really did make me JUMP!

There was a story about the Inca’s from Peru as well, I know a bit about them so I was really interested and asked Cat about things to add to it.

On the way back in the car I was making up stories and had loads of ideas, it was a great night and the skeletons were best.’

Salvador was at Swindon Museum and Art Gallery, 16 May 2014, for A Night at the Museum with storyteller, Cat Weatherill.

One Response to “A night at the museum – Swindon Festival of Literature”

  1. amaatk123 19th May 2014 at 5:20 pm #

    Reblogged this on Born again Swindonian and commented:
    What an absolutely delightful write-up of this event – I’m rather jealous I didn’t have a small child to take – from young Salvador.

    Salvador wrote a completely fabulous guest post for me some time ago so I was really delighted to read this piece. Well done Salvador. 🙂


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