Beaker fans prove there’s nothing like a Dame

13 May
Jacqueline Wilson and two fans. Photo by ©Calyx Pictures

Jacqueline Wilson and two fans.
Photo by ©Calyx Pictures

An audience with Jacqueline Wilson is a special thing. No-one in the sold out Arts Centre seemed that worried about what she had to say, just being in the same room as the creator of Tracy Beaker seemed special enough.

Dame Jacqueline intoxicated an excited crowd with tales of her pets and her life as the audience each clutched a copy of one of her books. It was a typically Swindon Festival of Literature moment, to be in a packed, sold out venue looking at an ecstatic and excited group of people each gripping literature with importance and genuine love.

There was an air of a One Direction public appearance about the whole event, such is the legendary status of Jacqueline Wilson. In fact during an enthusiastic photo opportunity for fans at the end, Festival Director Matt Holland became a skilled photo shoot manager, averting chaos from the overflowing Beaker seekers who he successfully posed next to their heroine.

Despite illness, Wilson was a radiant and keen presence throughout with nearly 25 years of Tracy Beaker filling the Arts Centre with excitement, expectancy and no sign of Justine Littlewood.

Jacqueline Wilson was at Swindon Arts Centre, Sunday 11 May 2014.

Words by Michael Scott.

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