Dawn Chorus, Swindon Festival of Literature

5 May

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Apparently there are plenty of morning people in Swindon. Or maybe, like me, they like the Dawn Chorus so much that they forgive the early rise. Or maybe, just once in a while, it’s great to make the effort and see the early May mist, hear the joy of the birds as they wake and see the day slowly easing in with a beautiful red, stretching across the line of artfully arranged clouds. And then think, wow, Swindon can be really quite picturesque.

Piddling around with Instagram trying to catch the mist in the donkey field next door to my house meant I saw the sunrise somewhere near Coate but there were hundreds of people who saw a Lawn Woods drenched in dew and those lovely photographic deep colours of the early morning, not to mention Jake the Juggler and Danny the pipe player.

The Scratch Choir of Swindon were as joyful as the birds, both soothing and rousing – a great combination.

Rachel Rose Reid told the story of a baby stolen by a tree. Her mum had to jump through all sorts of hoops (not the same as by Trevor Organ later) to reclaim her, all in the name of working together.

Balloon blower, plate-spinner and hoop spinner Trevor Organ liked to make his audience groan (oo-er missus) as they gave a sideways look at their children sitting next to them, just to see if they picked up on the ‘double’ bit of the double-entendres, some coming close to single-entendres. His plucky volunteer, Susie, was nick-named ‘the bush lady’ which kinda told you where his humour lay. After sending her to the eponymous bushes and back and landing Minton the Dog plate in her lap via his ‘long pole’, he challenged her to ‘sue him’ for asking for a kiss.

Emerging from the Poetry Pod, Alison B told us she’d got in on the fashionable allergies band wagon by developing an intolerance to crowds: ‘every time I’m talking to you / I’m desperate to go to the loo’. My kind of poetry, especially at 6.30am.

After a heavenly bacon buttie, and a chat to Matt and Lisa of the Library Book tour bus, I watched Mini Chronicler Milo dance himself into a hopeless tangle in a maypole dance. All part of the fun.

Words by Louisa Davison. Photos by Calyx Pictures.

3 Responses to “Dawn Chorus, Swindon Festival of Literature”

  1. Meg Cox 5th May 2014 at 11:00 am #

    I wish I could eat a bacon buttie.

  2. Shaun Butler 5th May 2014 at 12:11 pm #

    Yeah! It’s what is soooo good about Swindon!
    We are a ” people ” Town: respect to Matt Holland and to the Flame FM Christian radio station on 87.7 fm from 4-31 May.

    You are terrific……thank you 🙂

  3. amaatk123 5th May 2014 at 6:47 pm #

    Reblogged this on Born again Swindonian.

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