Glastonbury Festival in 100 bin bags Day 5

30 Jun

2013-06-28 09.44.35 2013-06-30 17.56.36

1970’s labour relations came to Glastonbury at the end of my final shift. After 24 hours of straining the discarded delights of drunken revelers and with a jacket potato cooling in a tent ten minutes walk away our supervisor decided it was time for a full on capitalist crackdown. Apparently one of the other crews had failed to clear the devastation around the main stage properly and we were told at  12.01 (our shift finished at noon) to get on to it. A group of vociferous Aussies in our team wasted no time in pointing out the unfairness of this request. They even executed a brief sit in, which I decided not to take part in as I wasn’t sure I could get up again. Commonsense and much grumpiness from Gonzo prevailed soon after and all was happy at again in the Fields of Avalon. I’ve heard several Rolling Stones songs in the past 24 hours and so I should have done after spending seven hours at the front of the Pyramid Stage yesterday. They weren’t rubbish at all although Jagger did look like he’d dyed his hair in rusty bin juice. The most interesting item I picked up in today’s aftermath was a perfectly peeled tangerine, bald of pith and ready to eat, but here not a segment had been disturbed before it was binned. And I found 20p, taking my treasure trove to 20p for the festival. So there you go, my bin bag whispering is over for another year. All that I’ve got left to say is that every single day in the developing world thousands of adults and children sort rubbish in very dangerous circumstances in an attempt to survive. No Kenny Rogers and falafel for them. Read the book Beyond the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo for an insight into shanty town life in India. Right, I’m off to watch Nick Cave, and you, you make sure you wash your hands.

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