Glastonbury Festival in 100 bin bags on Day 3

28 Jun


3. Michael Eavis’ bin

Two brilliant things happened in the last five minutes of my shift today. Firstly we got chatting to a security guard and he let us take a sneaky cut through Worthy Farm itself, so I got a wonky photo of Michael Eavis’ bin which probably had a bin bag in it so it counts. Secondly my shift finished two hours early – lovely – because my back feels like someone is using my vertebrae as clackers. I also enjoyed watching the Arctic Monkeys’ light show compete with dry ice at 6.30am, they are currently sound checking, which is good because I won’t see them tonight as I’m going to see Portishead instead. I have also learned more about hierarchy, actually, I’ve made my own hierarchy up. Within the litter pickers, a few people have brought metal grabbers which in my opinion makes them less worthy. I scrabble in the detritus for flattened cans and they pluck wet wipes with their mechanical claws. They just don’t get how important the traditional five fingered pick up is. Whereas I do. I have to stop now as I have suffered my first injury and am finding writing somewhat challenging. Earlier while retrieving a particularly embedded can of Fosters I managed to brush against the only live nettle left on site and it really stings. Sour times.

Ps. The sun’s out
Pps. Rolling Stones songs heard = one, I sang Satisfaction to the security guard to get him to let us through the magic gate.

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