Glastonbury Festival in 100 bin bags

26 Jun



1. Waitrose Bag – My tent

Let me explain, for a free ticket and free food I am collecting rubbish at Glastonbury. I’ve done it before, it’s everything you imagine and more and less and blimey what’s that? Anyway I’ve got rubber coated gloves and a special T shirt that says recycler on it, and a programme. I am going to attempt to tell the story of my Glastonbury through rubbish, bin bags, bin juice and the suchlike, just like that chap at the British Museum did on Radio 4, but with more half eaten noodles. Bag one didn’t actually start life at the festival, it was part of a strategy, a toilet plan. I figured a Waitrose loo in Clifton could host my last internal lavatory visit for five days. That shop has no toilet, so I bought some biscuits instead and the bag came here. Well it did eventually, anyone who knows me will realise that giving me directions to follow the ‘purple’ route is like asking anyone else to follow the white route to the South Pole, needless to say my colour blindness got me to a car park just outside Southampton from which I had to lug my stuff to the correct campsite. I was very tired and sweaty and delighted with the help of a man called Kevin to erect my tent, I might ask him to help me find my car on Monday. So, tonight I get trained and will doubtless hear some more Rolling Stones songs (4 in two hours so far). Then tomorrow at 6am I start my first shift and with it my quest to find bin bag two, Fortnum & Mason anyone?

2 Responses to “Glastonbury Festival in 100 bin bags”

  1. amaatk123 27th Jun 2013 at 6:55 am #

    That’s a rubbish idea! 🙂 I like it. Intriguing.

  2. Matt 27th Jun 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Michael, good day!

    How great to have words from you, from Glastonbury, which I last experienced in 1972, the second or third one, I think. Went there in a little Ford Prefect.

    What’s commonly called waste often produces the best stories. I know that from emptying cesspits. Looking forward to reading yours!

    Tonight, at Lower Shaw Farm, it is raining but that has not stoppped writers coming to the Wrtiers’ Cafe. They appear to be having a good time, as are the ducks in the yard.

    I hope all is goes well for you at Glastonbury and that you may have time to visit our daughters at the Rosa Bloom stall.

    Greetings and best thoughts to you Michael from your friends in Swindon.

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