Cherries As Insurgent Art

16 May
Mabel's House

Mabel’s House

Domestic Cherry’s Swindon Festival Of Literature residency continued at Artsite Post Modern as Mabel Watson threw one of her infamous house parties. Pineapple chunks were harpooned against cheese, the ubiquitous Twiglets cast their savoury spell in Pyrex and poets gathered from all over the country. Special guests Simon Williams and Susan Taylor brought sagas and clerihews from the edge of Dartmoor. Mabel Watson and Barry Dicks compered the event in their usual chaotic but skilfully highbrow way. Stuart Mckenzie read a poem about David Sylvian, Teresa Nestor read a story about an important wig and  Pauline Sewards treated us to Jimi Hendrix at bring and buy sale. This was all interspersed with suspect vinyl records squeezed through a suspect sound system by the suspect Barry Dicks. The willfully shambolic event sold out again, the temptation of high quality poetry and cherryade being too much to resist. Martin Malone sliced ham in his poem while Mabel Watson was just ham and Simon Kirwin (HONK, HONK) brought the clowns and cuts to the Domestic Cherry stage before trains were nearly missed and taxis home hailed. Domestic Cherry proves (and I know this because I am Barry Dicks) that poetry is worth doing – for all sorts of reasons, some of them fun, some of them serious and some of them to do with cross eyed china dogs, Lambrusco from the Co-op and missing Leo Sayer LP’s.

One Response to “Cherries As Insurgent Art”

  1. writerjuliet 17th May 2013 at 6:25 am #

    Way to go Mabel and Barry! Swindon was buzzing last evening with poetry in one corner and buddhist ecology in the other. What a wonderful place to be during the Swindon Festival of Literature.

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