We live in a story shaped world – CS Lewis

13 May
C.S.Lewis - a life by Alister McGrath

C.S.Lewis – a life by Alister McGrath

A week of the Swindon Festival of Literature has gone by and it’s at about this time that frazzled Festival types starting running out of sleep and clothes to wear, today the search for a clean T-shirt brought a lengthy, fruitless search in the bedroom, it wasn’t there of course, maybe my tired brain was lying about which wardrobe. Through the back at the Arts Centre a world of C.S. Lewis unfolded thanks to biographer Alister McGrath. Lewis believed that five years after his demise no-one would be reading his work, maybe no-one read about his death due to an infamous shooting in Dallas on the same day but his books remain as popular as ever.  Through extensive archive work, McGrath has shed new light on a complicated writer and human being. Lewis loved the ideas of imaginary worlds and imaginative worlds and used them to envision Narnia. He was also great friends with J.R.R. Tolkien for many years although the writers fell out when Tolkien felt that Lewis had ‘borrowed’ some of his ideas. McGrath argues that C.S. Lewis was attempting to use his literature to show how to live a principled life.  The strap line of the biography treads a careful voyage through the facets of Lewis’ character  ‘Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet’ and according to McGrath,he was a writer who helped us see things more clearly, I bet he never got lost in a wardrobe that’s for sure.


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