Steam gets in your eyes

9 May
The Swindon Heritage Magazine Team and Matt Holland

The Swindon Heritage Magazine Team and Matt Holland

Graham Carter makes me cry. Well, when I say makes me cry it’s really that he reminds me of a time when I cried. In 1986 to be exact. On 26th March 1986 I cried a lot, a lot of people in Swindon cried that day, it was the day the GWR Hooter sounded for the last time. If you don’t know what I’m on about you need Swindon Heritage, the magazine that Graham edits, if you do know what I’m on about you need Swindon Heritage, the magazine Graham edits. Graham is a Swindon man with an emotional attachment to the town, a connection he is determined to share by bringing Swindon’s rich heritage to life in the new magazine. Along with Frances Bevan and Mark Sutton, Graham has launched Swindon Heritage to encourage people to look at the town in a new light. The team started from scratch using their own money, plenty of ideas and boundless enthusiasm. Their perseverance and determination has seen them arrive at Issue Two having produced a critically acclaimed first issue and sparked interest across Swindon and beyond. With the luxury of the Swindon Archive to work from and over twenty local groups providing assistance and support the magazine promises to go from strength to strength. But the launch has not been with out its obstacles, ASDA, WH Smith’s and Tesco have all rejected the magazine and the local paper has chosen to see Swindon Heritage as competition. Graham made it clear that the magazine has big plans, to involve local youngsters, schools and to present heritage as what we do with history, to bring it into the present and highlight the fact that Swindon has produced the very best – Spitfires, Garrard record players, the GWR, Diana Dors and XTC. Swindon Heritage magazine can add itself to that list, it’s unique, nowhere else has produced a magazine about their town, and that makes me smile. Swindon – who’d have thought it eh?

2 Responses to “Steam gets in your eyes”

  1. Good Gentlewoman 10th May 2013 at 7:43 am #

    Thank you for such a fine review. Could I just mention that Mark’s surname is Sutton? 🙂

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