Sun, song, words and juggling machetes

6 May


Jason Maverick, Swindon Festival of Literature 2013

Jason Maverick, Swindon Festival of Literature 2013

The 20th Swindon Festival of Literature is underway and in spectacular style! A perfect morning at Lawn Woods saw Festival Director Matt Holland crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate the beginning of the third decade of Swindon’s number one arts event. Recent years have brought as many shivers as smiles to the Dawn Chorus, but today early rising festival-goers were treated to blue skies, golden sun and a very early taste of what this years festival has to offer. Swindon Scratch Choir’ s Sun Arise Singers softly sang the sun up at 5.30am as Jake the Juggler and bagpipe man Danny serenaded the large crowd. Folically challenged poet Jason Maverick started proceedings proper with verse, mime, juggling, plenty of audience participation and a poem about turning into his Dad (but not his Mum).  Music Alive brought strings and haunting sounds to the woods and Storyteller Chris Park told a tale of thanks before human statue Andria Walton shared Shakespeare with us. Poetry annual Domestic Cherry 3 was also launched by its fragrant founder Mabel Watson.  A madcap finale saw Marky Jay build a two man human pyramid to juggle machetes from the top of, sadly for Marky one half of the pyramid was the notoriously unreliable Barry Dicks of the aforementioned Domestic Cherry, causing an event which had started so beautifully to end as an ugly heap in front of a glorious sunset over Swindon.


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