Fire Garden at Stonehenge – once in a lifetime event

11 Jul

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No other word for it.

Except maybe: amazing. Incredible. A one off. Fantastic.

I’m talking about Fire Garden at Stonehenge last night.

Not only was a huge amount of people old and young allowed to walk in amongst the stones – a rare experience in itself – but the Fire Garden was breathtaking.

The stones were lit by cloth lanterns which swung in the wind.

Around the outside of the stone circle were metal tubes in fire pans which, as the dark closed in, flickered words upwards. By the end they were glowing red hot with their message.

Metal globes flickered orange with flaming pots. Strange Victoriana mechanical men ran on the spot around the outer stone circle, casting shadows on the monoliths. A creaking wheel was turned by a red and black-suited Compagnie Carabosse alchemist and erupted fire into the night.

And I’m convinced Brian Molko (of rock band Placebo fame) was singing and performing in a pagoda. Well it sounded a lot like him anyway, if he had had a bluesy, slightly country schtick.

I took a photo of four people stood in front a flaming globe at around 11pm. Feeling pleased with the atmospheric glowing picture, I shared it with them. “We’re mesmerised,” they explained, with their backs to the warmth of fire, eyes on the pre-historic monument and ears on the rolling music.

Two ladies were moving from stone to stone, touching and leaning against them, facing the inner circle. “You see a different view from each one,” they told me, giggling. “I haven’t been in here for twenty-five years,” I said. One of them replied: “It’s forty-five for me.”

I was wary of wrecking my six year old’s sleep so decided not to take him – it didn’t begin until 9pm after all. But seeing other intrepid parents (whose kids probably knew how to lie-in) with babies, toddlers and young children I regretted not bringing him (and the baby-sitting other Chronicler) to this once-in-a-lifetime event.

If I was creators Compagnie Carabosse and Salisbury International Arts Festival I’d be feeling pretty smug right now. And it’s made me feel kind of warm and glowy about London 2012 Festival too.

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2 Responses to “Fire Garden at Stonehenge – once in a lifetime event”

  1. SilentCry 17th Jul 2012 at 4:02 pm #

    wanna buy the music of the artist singing there.. any hints?

    • Festival Chronicler 17th Jul 2012 at 4:29 pm #

      I know what you mean – it was haunting. Try contacting the Salisbury International Festival – follow the link at the side – or Compagnie Carabosse directly.

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