God Spray the Queen – Chivitz at Salisbury International Art Festival

30 May

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I’ll bet when the Queen visited Salisbury back on May 1 (International Workers’ Day, not that the UK ever recognises it) she never thought her jaunt would be immortalised in graffiti art.

But that’s exactly what happened at the weekend, when Brazilian street artist Chivitz created new works at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival.

The Queen, who is quite used to having portraits done, although probably never like this, is pictured in the outfit she wore when she visited the city, although the cheeky graffiti artist has her brandishing a spray can.

Chivitz has worked on the streets of Sao Paulo for nearly 10 years. His cartoon-style graffiti art is influenced by skate culture, pop art and animation.

His two pieces at Salisbury Arts Centre are on display until the end of the Festival on Saturday, June 9. Entry is free.

You can also see a piece created at the Salisbury Skate Park in Churchill Gardens, opposite Salisbury College.

And graffiti fans have a treat in store this weekend, when Upfest – Europe’s largest urban art festival – returns to the mean streets of South Bristol.

From the festival’s base at The Upfest Gallery, North Street, Bedminster, 250 artists from 18 countries will be working over two miles of the city, spanning three days (Saturday 2 to Monday 4 June), creating over 20,000 square feet of artwork.

The organisers have produced a map (click image for a big ‘un) which is helpful. And you get get more info at www.upfest.co.uk

Upfest graffiti location map

Upfest graffiti location map

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