What gun would Jesus use?

20 Apr

More from Cheltenham Poetry Festival: Mab Jones and her Welsh Rare-bits, Slak late night bar, yesterday teatime.

What a fab poetry collective. Nothing to link them together except living in Cardiff, and a passion for poetry. Different poetry, different politics (poetic rants about cycling on the pavement v ‘if Wales was a face I’d spray it with mace’), different ages / looks.

Each poet had their own personal audience member – which meant we were duty bound to buy Mab’s home-printed anthology so they could afford the petrol home. £3 well spent though.

Mab: accent-free Cardifference poet commenting on Welsh chav culture, sleasy-easy Japanesee women and Western men, and a hatred of capitalism and politicians.

Nicholas Whitehead: cravat wearing, Lotus car owning, fountain pen user fighting the corner for odes to technology and wondering: What gun would Jesus use?

Sue Hamblin: defending the rights of pyjama-wearing Tesco shoppers and pondering the perils of punk dating.

Leeum Johnson: synaptic firing, free associating fights with paranoia.

PS check out Nicholas’s theoretical airport, Llandegley International.

2 Responses to “What gun would Jesus use?”


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