We are the Official Chronicle for the Swindon Festival of Literature, yay!

20 Apr
Swindon Festival of Literature launch. Photo by Festival Chronicler

Swindon Festival of Literature launch. Photo by Festival Chronicler

So I’ve just agreed to do this crazy thing.

Report on twenty-nine literature events in twelve days.

That’s twenty-nine sparklingly written accounts, plus any other back stage gossip and thoughts and feelings I can find, complete with illustrative photos, on this year’s Swindon Festival of Literature as the *trumpets herald* first ever Official Festival Chronicler.

Okay so it’s not just me. There’s two of us, (well two and a half – I’m expecting my five year old to join in too) but even so…

I’ve had a great conversation with the festival director, Matt Holland, about what’s really exciting about the festival. And believe me I wanted to cover a lot more. But I had to give myself a reality check and a good talking to and whittle it down to just under thirty.

And to top it all off I’ve said I’d take part in the Think Slam on May 18. No pressure then.

And, help, I’ve even agreed to get up for the launch event on the 11th May, the Dawn Chorus which starts at 5.30am – and I’m so not a morning person. I prefer that time of the night when I haven’t gone to bed yet.

So it’s Official. The count down begins to recording that Swindon Literature Festival experience.

Bring it on!

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